Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sainik School, Bijapur

Phone: (08352) 270638(office), 240501(Resi)

Parents` Meeting -26 September 2009

The next Meeting of the Parents` Association will be held on Saturday, 26 September 2009 at Kanti Auditorium.

0800- 0900

Reception-Registration by parents

900- 0945

PT Display

1000- 1115

Parents` Meeting (Informal)

1115- 1330


Election if any ,Prize Distribution


Lunch for Parents in the Cadets Mess


Dispersal of cadets

Dispersal of Cadets-Winter Vacation

The School will remain closed for winter vacation from 29 Sept 2009 to 19 October 2009 .All cadets are requested to rejoin the School by Monday evening on 19 October 2009 without fail .Rail concession for long distance journeys for cadets traveling to Mumbai/Delhi and beyond are being issued.


  1. For Parents of Class IX only: NATIONAL ADVENTURE CAMP:

Cadets of class IX are required to proceed for National Adventure camp scheduled at The Himalayan Center of Sri Aurobindo Ashram at Nainital from 08 to 15 October 2009.There will be no vacation for the cadets of Class IX due to the said Camp.


Sri Aurobindo Society, Nainital

Van Niwas, Near Badah Pattar, Nainital-263001


Phone: 05942 235737 (Ashram Office)


2.NCC Camp : Cadets of IX & XI only : Cadets of Class IX & XI will attend NCC camp Sainik School,Bijapur from 27 Sept to 06 Octo 2009. After the NCC Camp Cadets will proceed for Winter Vacation to their home towns. Cadets of Class IX will proceed to Nainital

3.Educational Visit for Class XII Cadets : Cadets of Class XII will proceed on a study tour (Defence Establishments) for a duration of 5 days. They will proceed for winter vacation from 02 Octo 2009.

By order-SSBJ/108/Adm/Winter-2009 dated 24 August 2009


Note on Youth Camp at the Himalayan Center of Sri Aurobindo Ashram at Nainital for Class IX

From April to June and during September-October, a series of 10-day youth camps are held at Van Nivas, the Himalayan Center of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Delhi Branch at Nainital. The main camp activities are a five-day basic rock-climbing course, trekking around Nainital, yoga or keep-fit exercises, games, cultural programmes, spiritually oriented character-building talks and discussions, devotional songs and meditation.

* They work wonders for the physical and psychological health of the participants and build up their self-confidence.

* They give the youth a sense of positive direction and canalise their physical and vital energies towards a higher and nobler aim of life and along constructive and creative channels.

* They bring about a sense of unity through group singing, games, treks and community living among participants hailing from many language regions and varied cultural backgrounds.

* An appreciation of our great and rich cultural and spiritual heritage is inculcated through discourses and talks on varied topics.

* Self-awareness, consciousness and sensitivity are developed through meditation, yoga and through the words of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

* Through talks and discussions, the campers are able to crystallize their thoughts about national problems and evolve grass root solutions to some of them for their own communities which they can help to implement.

* The participants get an opportunity to develop higher life values through cultural exchange, interaction with Ashramites and other campers, through benign influence of the ordered and creative life, through communion with nature and through the spiritual atmosphere.

* In short, the camps are a beautiful and fun-filled way to unity in diversity, the national spirit and the higher life values.